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  • Please mail or email a copy of current driver’s license or student ID.
  • OPTIONAL: Please mail or email 2 letters of reference from people who have worked or volunteered with you. You may include instructors but no family members. Please include phone numbers and addresses.
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From time to time The Angel Bear Foundation will mail newsletters or cards. If you would prefer not to receive them check here:

By submitting I verify that in answering the above questions I have provided truthful and accurate information. I further state that I have never been involved in any acts of abuse towards another persons or animals. I certify that I have no criminal record, have never been convicted of domestic violence, child abuse or crimes of a sexual nature or a felony. I have never been required or asked to register with any sexual offender registry. I further state that I will maintain confidentiality to the fullest extent provided by law. Furthermore, if I am delivering bears to locations, I agree to return the completed delivery form within 10 days of the delivery of the bears.

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